At B-Field Geophysics, we have the experience and expertise to provide solutions for all of your geophysical needs.



Survey Design

With a solid foundation developed from working in the field, and planning hundreds of geophysical surveys, we have the knowledge and experience to choose the proper methodology, and plan the correct survey for your exploration needs. 

Data Qa/QC

We have the utmost respect for the generation that qualified their data on paper.  At the BFG we strive to use the same attention to detail with a rigorous, mathematically-driven approach using modern software.



We have over 20 years of experience analyzing and interpreting every geophysical methodology used today in mineral exploration.  From Magnetotellurics to Seismic Tomography.


Data Integration

Data integration is a crucial step in our model-first approach.  We believe that exploration is an iterative process of fitting geologic models with data.  The true power of geophysics can be harnessed through this iterative process.


Project EvaluatioN

Project evaluation requires personnel with a wide spectrum of skills.  It requires a solid understanding of physics and geology.  It requires personnel with the ability to compile and validate data of any vintage. To be successful, it also requires a form of experience that can only be gained from being there, and doing that.


Target generation

We have extensive experience in project generation, and through our association with the Vektore Alliance, we have access to one of the most creative and dynamic exploration teams available today.

Software Development

In modern exploration, there are times when supplying the highest quality service requires the development of new algorithms.  With an education background in computational mathematics, and over 30 years experience writing code, we have that capability.

Research and Development

Over the years, members of the BFG have been involved in the development of several cutting-edge geophysical methodologies, and we are constantly thinking of how to improve the role of geophysics in exploration.  We are currently working with Geotech on the deployment of their new Groundfloor EM system, which we believe will revolutionize how airborne EM data is collected in the future.



We provide both training and mentoring programs for Magnetotellurics, Electromagnetics, Induced Polarization, Gravity and Magnetics.

We offer classroom based courses, as well as in-field training programs.