Modern geophysics has evolved beyond the generation of simple red-blob drill targets.  At B-Field Geophysics we take a model-first approach.  We utilize geophysics effectively to help define,verify, and enhance your geologic model.


Magnetotelluric Equipment Layout and Design


We are one of the most experienced groups at interpreting MT data in mineral exploration.  Let us help you extract the proper information from your MT, ZTEM, or any other natural field electromagnetic dataset that you may have.

IP survey design

Induced Polarization

With over 20 years of experience collecting, processing and interpreting IP data, we understand how to properly apply IP to your project.  We won't guide you toward the big red blob.  At the BFG we help you incorporate this data into your model, and help point your drill toward the most prospective geologic target.

Borehole EM Interpretation


After modelling EM data from thousands of line kilometres collected both on and above the surface, as well as hundreds of individual boreholes, we have the knowledge and experience to get the absolute most out of your project.

Airborne Magnetic Inversion in difficult topography

Potential Fields

No other geophysical technique provides better regional information than potential fields.  We understand both the power and the limitations of working with gravity and magnetics.  At the BFG we use inversion as an interpretive aid to fully extract the most from a dataset, rather than trying to provide an ambiguous final answer.